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Responder Peer Specialists are everyday people with “lived experience” in mental health and or substance use issues and emergency response culture. Peers are people “that get it”, have “been there,” have demonstrated recovery and resilience which can be shared with others to inspire hope and encourage recovery. They go through specific training to learn how to use their experience to help others early in recovery and are clinically supervised by a licensed mental health professional.

Responder Peer Specialist training is geared to meet International Practice Standards for peer support, Mental Health America  and NAADAC peer competencies, International Association of Chiefs of Police Peer Support Guidelines, several state peer specialist standards, and meant to exceed the National Fallen Firefighter Life Safety Initiative 13 recommendations. Peers that complete the Responder Peer Specialist training may choose to seek state or national certification and apply for employment with Building Warriors or other organizations that hire nationally certified peer specialists. 

The Responder Peer Specialist curriculum includes two separate training academies and quarterly 3-4 hour continuing education sessions in-person or via video conference. All peers are assigned to a licensed mental health clinician skilled in peer competencies for clinical supervision. Peers are required to participate in 2 hours (minimum) of supervision each month via in-person, individually, in a group, by video conference, or by phone. Peers without an employer Annual Peer Clinical Supervision and Consultation agreement will be charged per month for supervision. If you work in an agency with a peer support team or in the process of developing one, please contact us for a detailed supervision proposal. 


The fundamental intended impact of this training is to reduce barriers, increase access to care and increase cultural competency among counselors, clinicians, clergy, and allied health professionals working with First Responders. This 20-hour program includes 8-hours of classroom education, 8-hour ride-along experience, and 4-hour feedback session where ride-along and clinician barriers are explored.


Yoga specifically designed for emergency responders and families. Even the saltiest dogs will appreciate this training. Don't be scared, you'll be glad you tried it. All amateur and veteran yogi's are encouraged to participate. 

Training is held for groups of 8 or more and facilitated by Public Safety Peer Specialists and licensed mental health clinicians. This is an excellent training opportunity for departments, continuing education, corporate events, and is a refreshing alternative to a traditional Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. Request Responder Yoga!


Combined 40 hour class in 4 days.  Contact us to set up this class.  We can work with your schedule.  10 person minimum is required.  See Responder Peer Specialist above for more information.


8-hour retirement training designed to enhance resilience in public service retirement. Retirement can be both a challenging and rewarding process; some lose their sense of purpose. Planning for it must start well before its time. Whether it is forced medical or on your own terms, let us help you prepare your mind, body, heart, and family for retirement.


Resilience training has been shown to reduce and prevent adverse reactions to trauma in the workplace and community.


It begins by identifying known adversities experienced by individuals, a specific population, an organization, or community. Once the adversities are identified, we prescribe evidenced-based strategies to adequately address and overcome those adversities.


Training often includes a mixture of learning formats, is highly interactive, and confidential in both planning and delivery. We recommend resilience training during on-boarding and retirement processes, promotions, continuing education, outreach events, and retreats. Contact us to schedule.​​

Cost is negotiated based on availability, location, and number of participants. Contact us for a detailed proposal or inquire about attending a previously scheduled resilience training session. 


Better Halves is a group of significant others of firefighters across Colorado. The group connects spouses who live close to one another in order to extend the support of the fire family, in good times and in bad.



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